Sir Strikes Back: Part 1

new3(D plugged with balls and buttplug)

Part 2 Now Up

Easter can be considered a time of renewal and rebirth. In my particular case, this was especially poignant as Sir took this weekend as an opportunity to put me back in my place after D(omme)-Day to remind me what I truly am.

It started Saturday morning. I sleepily shuffled my way into the kitchen to fix myself a cup of tea. I leaned against the counter waiting for the kettle to boil and pulled out my phone to keep myself occupied. It was in the midst of a particularly puzzling level of Monument Valley that I heard Sir come into the kitchen.

“Take off your robe and stick your ass out for me.” He commanded me with the same casual tone as one would use to say pass the salt.

“Good morning to you too,” I greeted a little more insolently than I should have. I glanced up from my phone and saw his face stone serious. I know that look and, boy, was I in for it.

“Take it off and bend over.” He repeated. His voice clearly indicated he would not tolerate any further lip from me. I hastily took off my robe, allowing it to pool at my feet, and bent over for him. A shiver ran through my body not only because I was now naked but at the consequences that would come due to my flippant remark.

My punishment came in the form of ten swift and powerful spanks to my ass on each cheek. I bit my lip and gripped the counter tight to prevent myself from squealing too loud. I knew it would be worse if I didn’t stay quiet.

“Baby, remember, I’m in charge again. You know I don’t like it when you’re being bratty.”

He lies. I know he likes it as it gives him more opportunity to punish me.

I felt the familiar sensation of lube on my asshole before the insertion of a buttplug. As revenge for my cheekiness, he shoved it in without letting me get used to it. I couldn’t help but gasp at the pain and my natural instinct was to arch backwards in response to the pain.

Sir took the opportunity to grab a handful of my hair and forced me back down to my previous position. Still keeping a hand firmly entangled in my hair, he rubbed my pussy for a moment and chuckled how wet he found me.

“You stupid slut.” He said and then shoved my ben wa balls into my pussy. I moaned at how full I suddenly felt. He released his hold on my hair then started to fix himself a cup of coffee as if nothing had happened.

I picked up my robe and started to put it on.

“Leave it off for the rest of the morning.” He demanded as he took a seat at the dining table.

“Yes, Sir.” I said as the kettle started to shrilly whistle behind me. I turned off the stove, fixed my morning tea, then went about the rest of my morning. Obviously, things were now back to normal between us.

I had the feeling Sir had something special planned for me today after our shower together. I had just finished drying him off and was on my knees with his hard cock deep in my throat when he posited the following question to me:

“You have an option today; as we are seeing your parents, you can choose to wear bra and panties or not.” As naughty and kinky as Sir and I are, we still do relatively normal things like spend time with family over the holidays.  His family lives in England so we usually spend the day with my family.

One of our rules includes that I am not to wear panties unless my annoying Aunt Flo comes into town, if you catch my drift. Something was definitely up.

I managed to garble out that I wanted to wear my panties with a mouthful of cock after a couple of tries. I think he made me repeat myself just for the satisfaction of seeing my cheeks flush with humiliation. He then grabbed my head and fucked my face harder in response before he came in my mouth. Of course, being a good girl, I swallowed and made sure to clean up whatever was left on his cock.

There are some unexpected perks to being a sub. For example, I was standing in front of my closet, pondering, like many women before me, what I was going to wear that day. My complex decision making process was cut short when Sir walked over to me, took a glance at my closet, and reached for a blue and white patterned dress as well as a blue bra with a matching pair of panties.

“Wear this.” So he say and so shall it be.

Before I could get fully dressed, he placed a blindfold over my eyes and led me towards the bed.

“Bend over and spread your ass open for me, baby.”

I complied and heard him groan at the sight of me presented before him in such a provocative manner. Lube dribbled into my asshole and I knew my plug was going back in. This time didn’t hurt so much when he inserted it inside. I moaned a bit when I felt completely full.

“Good girl. Now, I’m going to help you put on your panties. Turn around slowly and you can lean on me for support.”

I turned over and extended my arms out to feel for him. He grabbed a hold of my hands in a reassuring way and helped me put on my panties. As he neared my pussy, I felt a light kiss right above my clit and I gasped at the tease. He laughed at my response then finished putting on my underwear. I softly groaned at that little tease, but kept my mouth shut otherwise. I didn’t want him to punish me for being so greedy with my pleasure.

I then felt him slip something inside my panties next to my clit. Before I could ask what that was, I found out very quickly what it was; a low and steady vibration overwhelmed me. I stood there with my mouth open in lust when it suddenly stopped.

“Sir, is that…?” I started to ask when the blindfold came off. I was greeted to the biggest grin on his face. In his hand, was a small plastic black remote.

“A remote control vibrator? Yes, yes it is.” He answered my question then cranked it up to medium. I moaned loud and felt my knees buckle in response to the hefty amount of electricity nestled against my throbbing clit. My eyes fluttered shut at the pleasure I could feel but it was fleeting. Just as quickly it started to built, Sir took two hairclips and placed them on my nipples. I shouted out at the sudden intrusion of pain, which quickly died down as the vibrator helped me forget about the pain. After a minute or two, he stopped it again and quipped with a naughty smile on his face, “I thought we could have a little fun while we’re out with your family.”

Moments like this remind me why I love him so much. He sure knows how to keep me on my toes. He let me finish dressing up and getting ready without much fanfare asides from a couple of quick buzzes for kicks. I was lucky that he didn’t turn it on when I was putting on my makeup. I would have ended up looking like a Picasso painting otherwise.

The plan today was to meet my family at the Japanese restaurant they like to frequent in my hometown for a nice lunch. My hometown was about an hour from where we were staying so the drive up was a good opportunity to keep me on the edge. I would start to fall asleep when the vibrator would roar to life, making me jolt awake. I would look over at him and find him laughing at me. I stuck my tongue out at him, which only made him turn it up even higher. Oh, god damn it, I never learn…

We showed up a good half hour early as Sir likes to be punctual. I texted my dad to let him know we had arrived and that we’ll see them all soon. We took our seats at the table reserved for us while the cheery waitress handed out our menus. When she left, he leaned over, placed his hand on my upper thigh, and gave me a big kiss.

“Now, be a good girl for me, stay composed, and maybe I won’t punish you too hard later.” He whispered in my ear and gave me a small bite on my earlobe. Instant shivers down my spine.

“Yes, I will, S-” I started to say when he turned up the vibrator on full. I slammed my hands on the table instinctively, causing the table across the room to look up in confusion. My cheeks instantly burned and I hastily regained my cool. “Yes, yes, Sir, I will.”

“Good girl.” He replied then looked towards the front of the restaurant. “Oh, your family’s here, mahal.”

I waved them over with a smile and we both got up to greet them all. Dad gave me a big hug and proceeded to fawn over me in his usual annoyingly cute sort of way. Mom hugged me and told me I had lost weight, which is her highest form of compliment. My two younger sisters looked up from their phones briefly, said hi, and made small talk before drawing their attentions back to their phones. Ahhh, youth.

Initially wary of Sir being white, my family grew to love him as much as I did – I attribute this mostly to the thoughtfulness and respect he showed them more than my past relationships ever had. Sir greeted my family warmly as well and gave them presents that he got from his last business trip, which included a nice big bag of English chocolates. I have to admit I might have hoarded some Cadbury creme eggs for myself. Don’t judge me.

We all took our seats at the table, with Sir now sitting across from me, and ordered our lunch. When it came to my turn, Sir turned the vibrator to high. I couldn’t help but moan, which I quickly covered as a coughing fit.

“Oh, D, here’s some water.” My mom poured more water in my glass to help me. “Spring makes the allergies really bad.” I couldn’t help but weakly laugh. Yeah sure allergies…that’s it.

I reached for the water and took a big sip. I then ordered as normally as I could despite the circumstances. I wouldn’t be shocked if my panties were soaked before the end of lunch at this point.

Family asked us the normal questions: How was Sir’s business trip, how’s my work going, what else we had planned for the Easter weekend, etc. I asked about my youngest sister’s prom and looked at pictures of her prom dress and checked in with how my other sister’s first year of college was progressing. Mom talked about her ministry with the church and Dad talked about the new documentary he had seen. All the while, Sir would randomly turn the vibrator on and off in short bursts just to drive me crazy and watch me trip up. Hopefully, none of my family noticed that I was acting a bit spacier than usual.

We lingered a bit for dessert and ended up splitting an order of tempura fried ice cream. Kooky but a-maz-ing tasting. He leaned forward to feed me a spoonful. Just as the spoon contacted my tongue and my mouth closed around it, Sir turned up the vibrator again, lightly kicked my legs open, and placed his feet between my legs just to make the vibrations even stronger.

“Mmmmmm…” I moaned as if I was tasting the best thing I had ever tried. I looked up at Sir, who just stared back at me with a look that said be a good girl for me. I shut my eyes, pulled away, and said in a hopefully light tone,”Wow, that tastes really, really good. You guys should try some.”

Eventually, we finished lunch and said our goodbyes. For my family, this meant that we said goodbye, hugged at the table, then talked more, and then walked to the outside of the restaurant, talked more, hugged, and said goodbye again. I don’t understand why it’s a thing, it just is. Sir and I then say our final final goodbye and drive back home.

Once we walked through the doors, the atmosphere was tense and palpable. We both needed release at this point.

He pulled me close to him and said, “Now, I want you to go upstairs and get ready for me. Take the vibrator, buttplug, and hairclips off. Then, I want you to get all of our toys ready on the bedside cabinet. Once all that’s done, you are to wait for me on your knees, your wrists facing upwards resting on your thighs, your mouth open, and your eyes closed. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” I answered in a shaky voice. My panties at this point were so wet that it was almost uncomfortable. I did as he said and waited for him, which felt like it was an eternity. I didn’t care though. I would’ve done anything at this point.

I heard his footsteps on the stairs and heard him walk into the room. I opened my eyes and saw him carrying a tray. On the tray was a candle, an ice bucket with champagne, and some chocolates.

“Are you ready, baby?”

“Yes, please, Sir.”

Til Next Time…

With love, D xx

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Sir Strikes Back: Part 1

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