About Me

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by.

This is Sir and I’s, we are husband and wife and this is our blog about all things BDSM and our 24/7 D/s life together. More information can be found on our Reddit community page, which includes photos of punishment and general replies.

Naturally, I’ve always had submissive tendencies in the bedroom, but this is my first dive headlong into the lifestyle of a D/s relationship. While other couples tend to keep these activities contained in the bedroom, we find ways to incorporate our fun in our day to day lives. Sir will always give me tasks throughout the day to complete, one of which is starting this blog.

It would be a honour if you would join us on our BDSM adventures; on very rare occasions Sir lets me try my hand at being the Domme, but I prefer to belong at his feet like a good slut should.

Lots of love,

Good Girl D xxx

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