So You Want To Cum?

foot worship femdom
Did my husband get to cum this Christmas? Maybe 😉

All my years of being submissive to my partner have enlightened me, pushed me and made my mind incredibly sadistic. I’ve been plugged, electrocuted, humiliated and triple teamed by my husband and his friends. This torture I loved so much now helps me control my husband so when he begged to cum for the first time since October I pushed him to the limit.

I love to break men – femdom is too fun

I let hubby cum for the last time in 2016 in the most cruel, humiliating and down right sadistic way. Here is the story:

For the week before New Year’s Eve, I had teased him each day. Sometimes I would let him out the cage, get him to the edge of orgasm and bite the head of his throbbing cock and slap his balls until I knew the orgasm had gone. I ruined his orgasm with my hitatch on his chastity belt or just made him eat pussy for an hour or so.

My husband has one true weakness, feet. He has a thing for soft, wrinkled soles. You rest your feet on his lap and he is a little submissive bitch HA! On NYE as soon as we woke, I whispered to him. “Do everything as I say, please me and you will cum before 2017.” I felt him squirm, little did he know the lengths he would have to go through.

I grabbed his hair and told him to kneel at the toilet and wait for me. After waiting my fair time, checking Snapchat, Instagram and my Facebook feed I walked to the toilet. Poor hubby’s face after I had finished was priceless, the smell must have been awful. I thrust his head back and sat on his face, I made sure to make him taste my pussy making him lick it clean but made sure to place his nose on my smelly ass hole. After cleaning both holes thoroughly I slapped him and told him to wash his face and clean his mouth out with soap before leaving the bathroom.

For breakfast, the little footslut made me a complete fry up, as he did a good job cleaning my ass I let him eat the same. No doubt all he could taste was the soap I made him eat! As we sat down to eat, I told him about the change of plans for the evening. He would no longer be seeing his friend’s, he would now play butler for two of my friends. I asked him if this was ok and like a good sub he said: “Of course Mistress, if that’s what you prefer.”

For the remainder of the morning and afternoon, hubby was a foot stool, a foot masseuse, and my maid. It wasn’t until the evening he was pushed to the point of breaking down. My two girlfriend’s are single, we have kissed and they are most importantly very open minded. we talk about everything, something my husband would find out later.

With both Louise and Anna ten minutes away I told him to undress, he would spend the night being objectified and abused by three bratty bitches. A fantasy of his that he has told me countless times. I unlocked him and grabbed his balls with my nails. “Remeber, obey and you will come before 2017, disobey and you will regret it. On your knees, face the corner and wait to be called.”

My husband never knew my friends were told about our femdom lifestyle, but when the walked over to him naked, kneeled down on the floor completely submissive and said “Hi foot slut” instead of the normal greeting, he knew tonight was going to get weird.

Seeing a 6ft 2 athletic man be so submissive is a big, big turn on for all of us. “Kiss our heels and take them off slowly.” Without asking my husband responded with “Yes, Mistress Louise. Thank you for letting me touch your feet.” His penis was so hard already, it was only 6pm! The poor guy had no idea the next 6 hours were going to be pure denial.

After leaving him in the corner, cleaning their shoes with his tongue for a good 45 minutes we called him over. Only allowed to crawl unless we said so, I could see this was both scary and incredible for him at the same time. We attached a dog choke chain to his neck and tied his balls up with Anna’s stockings which he had expertly taken off with only his mouth.

“Stand up straight facing us, legs spread, mouth open.” I demanded. Instantly he stood up. A blindfold was quickly added to cover his eyes and handcuffs locking his hands in place. We got all different colored sharpies and wrote humiliating things all over his body. From his full name is a foot slut to insert here pointing to his tight little ass. after a few photos for my personal collection, we got a little bored. He looked stupid, the laughing obviously turned him on as his cock was rock hard. Eight inches never looked so big!

“I have an idea, face down ass up foot slut.” After a little struggle being tied up and handcuffed he was in the slut position. The four sharpies we used to write on his sexy athletic body were put into a condom. Anna rather forcefully pushed them into his super tight ass. Poor hubby grunted and took it like a good whore.

We kept him in that position while we watched tv, helped Louise on Tinder and caught up. Keeping the sub awake was easy. Every now and then we would ask him a question to try and catch him out. One of my favorite questions was to shove our feet under his nose, if he identified whose feet it was, they played with his cock for a little. If he failed we got to hit him in the balls and tug on the tights attached to his balls.

By 9pm we were bored, the TV was crap and conversation was drying up a little. Sub was untied, unplugged and allowed to move freely. For a good ten minutes anyway. Having never sat on a man’s face before Anna wanted to know why it was so good. Isn’t it great when you have a submissive husband as a willing model!

While Anna was straddling his face, Louise and I played with his cock and balls. I warned him that if he didn’t do a good job, there would be no cumming tonight. She was very vocal about how she wanted it, which in turn probably meant she had the best head she will ever have. At one point she demanded to have it faster, but subby wasn’t performing and making her cum! Both Louise and I dug our nails into his balls and thighs and somehow he found the extra speed needed. Do what we say or we will find a way to get it.

This is the point he made a big mistake, he begged us to cum. Haha, do not beg as it shows us how desperate you really are. We said ok, we will tie you up and then we will let you cum. We decided spread eagle was the most pathetic and humiliating position to have three girls abuse you. “Your safeword is Reddit baby, use it only when you want to quit. All other words won’t be counted.” I reminded him because I knew it was going to get rough.

Louise went and sat by his head having previously told me he thinks her feet are out of this world. (Maybe I’ll get a photo for you guys one day.) It was down to me and Anna to do the cruel bit ;). Having not cum since October I knew he would be tough to break, regardless I would let him but pretended I wouldn’t.

We got Louise to smother his face with her soles of silk while we got the toothpaste. The inflatable butt plug I can’t even take was taken out and tingly, burning lube was rubbed all over it. To our surprise, Louise got bored of having her feet worshiped and was straddling his face. With just a small riggle hubby’s ass was lubed up and ready for the plug. I could hear him groaning but the vibrations just made Louise happy.

Once inside his cute tight ass, I put toothpaste on my hands and began to tease the ever sensitive head. Have you ever jerked off using toothpaste for lube? If not, do it now and tell me how it feels. Hell for once I will condone dick picks, I’ll laugh at your pathetic cock just this once.

Once Louise had rode my husband’s face enough she went back to teasing with her feet. This quickly got hubby to the edge and begging for release, It’s a pitty were having too much fun. We kept giving him a countdown to cum, stopping at the low numbers and slapping his balls hard. We agreed to let him ruin three times, one on each pair of feet. Once he had eaten it all up like a good cumslut we left him there.

We went and sat by the TV to discuss the most humiliating way to allow him to cum, occasionally changing the vibration or how big the inflatable butt plug was. At 23:45 we went back to him. Told him shut up and take what was given to him.

Still tied up unable to move, both my friends put their soles on his face while I sat on his big hard throbbing cock. Louise recorded a Snapchat of him repeating “I’m a stupid foot slut, please abuse me.” At 23:58 we began to up our tempo, both Louise and Anna kept talking to him about how they will forever call him foot slut etc. I came countless times pushing him to the verge of cumming. We started counting in the New Year telling him he can cum at the end.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4…… CUM YOU DIRTY FOOTSLUT!” Hubby came from one New Year to the next! Embarrassed and ashamed now he had been released, we told him there was two more things to do. I sat on his face to let him eat all the cum the two girls tortured his poor cock. I’m sure he used his safeword, but I couldn’t hear properly as he was between my thighs!

Again we left him there sad, upset and ashamed now he wasn’t thinking through his penis. At half 12 we went back to a sad, soft, flaccid penis. Even Louise and Anna calling him foot slut didn’t excite him. We sent him for a shower and agreed for the start of 2017 he won’t need to wear the chastity belt.

Does this kind of real life story excite you? Wish you were my husband? Wish you had a girl to dominate you? My DMs are open on Twitter losers, impress me and you may be lucky enough to get a reply back from me and my girlfriends. Do it loser, stop jerking to my feet without permission.

So You Want To Cum?