How To Train Your Husband – Femdom Advice

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Women rule the world. Men are meant to worship our beautiful feet.

Hi guys, sorry for the two-year break in posting, it’s been a rollercoaster. We have relocated back to England and the once dominant husband now sits firmly under my feet. Want to know how to train your husband to be submissive? Here is how I took control.

Step one: chastity and training

My husband is a big manly man, he is 6ft 2 tall and could fight anything I try and do with ease. But after I got him into chastity he became a little submissive bitch. I own him and he does EVERYTHING I want. Purchase a good quality chastity belt, something like this. Convince him to try it for you, and after a few days of teasing him, he won’t be able to say no.

My husband has been in chastity since July, he hasn’t cum since October. I began his training by tying him up to the bed, letting him out the cage and teasing him with my feet. I would bring him to the point of orgasm time and time again. The first time he came without permission, you have to be firm. Make sure he knows you are in control. Gag him with your dirty panties, and keep jerking his penis. Hubby described it as the least enjoyable ten minutes of his life but since then he hasn’t cum without permission. Think something like this:

When in chastity it’s important to assert your dominance. If your husband thinks he can get away with limited effort to get you off, you need to show him who’s boss. I started by plugging his tight ass with an inflatable and vibrating buttplug, if he stopped doing a good job I stretched his ass and spanked his balls.

After we get in from work hubby cleans my feet with his tongue, makes me dinner and cleans my high-heels. He will then please me while I sit on his face until I have cum multiple times. If he is lucky I will ruin his orgasm and make him eat it.

At the moment this is a one-off blog post, we have noticed a significant amount of traffic still visits even though we haven’t blogged for a long time. Now we are settled in our new home, we have spare time to document our daily life.

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How To Train Your Husband – Femdom Advice