Sir Strikes Back: Part 2

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If you haven’t read Part 1 – you should for context!

“Yes, please, Sir.”

The instant those words left my lips, Sir grabbed a handful of my hair, dragged me to the wall, and pushed me against it. He seized my wrists and held them with one hand above my head while he squeezed my clit hard – all done without breaking eye contact with me. I couldn’t help but whimper at the sharp amount of pain, but I was immediately shushed.

“Good girls stay quiet.” He said with a stern tone. “Now, you know the safe words?”

“Yes, Sir.” I affirmed with a nod. “I will say ‘Manila’ when I start to struggle with something then ‘Reddit’ if I want to stop completely.”

“Good slut.” He praised me with a small smile on his face. “Now turn around for me with your hands behind your back.” I started to turn when he added, “If you so much as look back at me, you will be punished. Stay still and face only that wall.”

“Yes, Sir.” I answered like the good girl I wished to be.

I heard him walk towards the other side of the bedroom, the slide of a drawer opening, the shuffling of the drawer’s contents, and the click as it was shut. Mostly, I could hear my breathing as I was practically panting in anticipation of what was going to happen tonight. I felt his presence behind me again and couldn’t help but shiver. He placed my wrists on top of each other and started to bind them with rope. Once he was done, he grabbed me by the shoulders and jerked me around to face him.

“Open your mouth.”

I did as he told me and was greeted by the familiar sight of today’s wet and dirty panties. My cheeks instantly flushed and felt hot. Humiliation tends to be a soft spot for me when it comes to our play and this instantly made me bristle, but I wanted to be a good girl and please him too. I groaned as best as I could with an open mouth. In response, Sir looked at me with an icy look that instantly shut me up. I instinctively turned my eyes to the carpet in deference.

Once he finished stuffing them inside my mouth, he stood back to survey his work. “Baby, look at me.”

I lifted my chin up and meekly turned my eyes up to Sir, awaiting further instruction. I could tell he looked pleased, especially when I heard him groan as my brown eyes met his green. My cheeks burned even hotter as I felt like I was on display before his eyes. Well, technically, I suppose I was. I couldn’t help but fidget and make muffled noises of discomfort. I could taste myself on my tongue due to the panties. It was humiliating but somehow the exposure and the vulnerability of it all only made me get wetter.

Without warning, Sir took a hold of my hair again just so he could throw me onto the bed. I landed face down and started to try and turn myself around when he stopped me with a spank on my ass.

“You will not squirm. You will not make noise. Take your punishment like a good girl should. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head in affirmation. This wasn’t enough for him though.

I heard him sigh in disappointment. “I didn’t ask you to nod yes. I asked you a question. Use your words. Use that mouth of yours for something else than sucking my cock.”

I whimpered, the sound muffled by the panties in my mouth. I hate talking with my mouth full or left open; it makes me feel stupid and Sir knows this. He was leaning especially hard into humiliating me today to get me back for my little day in his shoes. Knowing him, he would leave me there as long as it would take until I answered, then be punished for making him wait for an answer.

“Yeth Thir,” I finally managed to mumble through the dirty panties. I heard him laugh from behind me, which only served to keep my cheeks flushed.

“Good slut. You’re not completely worthless.” He patted me on the head as if he were praising a puppy for good behavior. I guess there are more similarities there than I initially realized.

I heard the clink of his belt and knew instantly what was coming. This provided me no comfort though. This was going to hurt.

“You’re going to count them in your head and you tell me how many times your ass is spanked.”

I replied with my muffled “Yeth Thir” and awaited the pain. No matter how much you anticipate it hurting, the first blow against your skin is always a shock to the system. I couldn’t help but buck my body away from the source of the pain. I wanted to be a good girl for him though and once my senses flooded back I kept still and tried to stay as quiet as I could as the thrashing of the belt against my skin became faster and faster until he suddenly stopped.

“How many was that?” He asked me.

Oh shit, I was so occupied by overcoming the pain and being good that I had forgotten to count. Shit shit shit. I groaned and shook my head, tears starting to form in my eyes at failing to deliver a proper answer. I craned my head around enough so that I could look at him. He was not happy with me and I gulped in fear.

He quickly walked back to our fun little drawer, grabbed something, and shoved it into my face so I could have a proper look. It was a black spiked paddle. Oh, this was going to hurt even worse and I was right. The spanking I got was even worse now with the paddle. At some point, he would have normally switched to the other cheek but he wanted to be mean to me after I had made him do such degrading tasks the night before. I counted maybe ten before all that filled my mind was OuchOWohmygodthepainithuuuuuuuuuuurts. I was so close to crying out my safe word ‘Manila’ when he suddenly stopped. I couldn’t help but fight back a sob a bit. My ass felt like it was on fire. The air surrounding it was enough to make it hurt.

He made me turn over in bed. Even the soft blanket underneath me was enough to cause my ass to protest.

“Open your mouth.” He commanded. I followed and he proceeded to slowly pull my dirty, spit covered panties out of my mouth then dropped them on the floor. I took a deep breath and tried to get my tongue wet again as the fabric had absorbed all my spit. I couldn’t meet his eyes, knowing that I had failed again, but he pushed my chin upwards so that I was forced to look at him. “How many was that?”

I moaned in despair and just replied in a thick voice and tears threatening to take over, “I’m so sorry, Sir, I couldn’t count it. I tried so hard but it hurts and -”

“Shhhh,” he placed a finger gently across my lips to calm and quiet me. “Just calm down and lie there for a second, baby. I’m going to get a few more things we need.”

While he gathered more supplies, I did my best to breathe deep and relax. On top of being humiliated, I don’t like to fail or be made to feel like I’m failing him. He knows this too and I can understand him pushing this particular limit of mine as punishment for yesterday but he always knows when to stop when it gets to be too much. He set the items he gathered on the nightstand and sat down next to me on the bed.

“Be a good little slut for me now and bend over my knee.” He said in a stern but gentler voice than before to keep me calm. I nodded and got up and assumed the position requested. I could feel how hard he was underneath me as my weight rested on his legs. “I just want you to relax for a little bit right now then we’ll keep going, ok?”

“Yes, Sir.” I replied in a small voice.

He started to trace his fingers over my freshly spanked ass. I flinched at his initial contact, but felt myself relax and let go as he gently ran his fingers up and down the sensitive skin. The initial angry pain that my ass had felt when first spanked had settled into a dull, throbbing ache, not unlike the sensations my pussy was feeling at that moment.

“Baby, you know I still have to punish you, right?”

I groaned not unlike the groan that comes out of my mouth when he tells me that it’s time for me to get out of bed in the morning for work.

He continued, “I can’t let you get away for being a bad girl so just relax for me.”

I sighed. “Yes, Sir.”

He spread my ass open for him to see and I heard him groan in appreciation. I smiled to myself, happy knowing that he was pleased with me for this moment. He reached over towards the nightstand for a bottle of tingly lube and rubbed some of it on my asshole. I purred at how lovely the sensations felt, the coolness of the lube settling on my skin and his fingers teasing me every so slightly. He then reached over, grabbed the buttplug, and prepared that for me as well.

“Now, relax for me.”

His cool, assertive voice helped me keep calm and relaxed. This was good for me because this was a bigger plug than the one I had earlier in the day. I felt the tip slowly work its way in and a sigh tumbled out of my lips. He slowly fucked me with the plug until it slipped inside me. That feeling when your ass finally takes in all of that plug is such a unique sensation of pain and pleasure. I moaned as I felt the plug finally fill me up inside.

“You will count out loud for me and say you’re sorry for losing track of your spanks. We’ll start now.”

SMACK! His hand was better than the paddle but it still hurt like hell.

“One. I’m sorry for losing track, Sir.” I said in a shaky voice.

“Losing track of what?” He pressed me.

“Losing track of spanks, Sir.” I quickly replied in an attempt to fix my mistake. Too late.

“Good, but we’re going to start again now.” He answered, punctuating his last word with a hard spank.

I gasped and shifted around in his lap at the pain, but still knew what was expected of me.

“One. I’m sorry for losing track of my spanks, Sir. Two! I’m sorry for losing track of my spanks, Sir. Three…”

This treatment continued until he reached fifty spanks and took a break. I started to breathe a bit more freely and relax as the pain started to ease when he reached between my legs and started to tap my clit. I practically hummed with pleasure at the sensation. He was the first person to ever do this to me and it rocked my world. His pace increased steadily and drove me practically close to the edge of orgasm. Sir was not going to let me cum that easy though. He knew my body well and brought me back from the edge with a couple of hard pinches on my inner thighs.

After he tired out from this break, he reached again for the paddle and gave me fifty more spanks. By the end of fifty, I wanted to toss that paddle into the trash…or maybe just hide it somewhere so Sir couldn’t find it for a little while. At this point, I could only imagine how badly battered my ass would look like after our fun. I didn’t even know if I could be standing after all this was all done.

Sir allowed me another break and helped me forget the pain again by tapping on my clit and edging me. It’s funny how sensations work in the human body. One time you could feel extreme amounts of pain can quickly segue into great pleasure. My body was humming and my legs started to shake from the sheer amount of sensations coursing through my body. I could feel myself dripping down my thighs. I wanted – no, needed – to cum soon but I know my Sir and he could leave me edging for quite some time.

Just as I thought he was done with the punishment, he still had one more. He got his belt again and it was the same drill. Luckily, he didn’t use the buckle end of the belt to hit me but the pain was still searing and stinging in the worst possible kinds of ways. I was definitely over two hundred spanks at this point and was practically crying out with each spank at this point. Once he got to fifty, he gingerly removed the plug from my ass and had me stand up.

“How’s your ass feel, baby?”

“It hurts,” I said with a little whine in my voice and a pout on my face. I couldn’t help acting like a petulant child during these painful times.

“Good, it’s supposed to hurt.” He said with one more quick slap on my ass. My knees buckled and before I could say anything, he interrupted me. “Now go and be a good slut and get on your knees for me.”

I did as instructed as he walked over to the nightstand and took a pair of dice in his hand. Ah, I know this game well. The way the game is played is with two die – one determines the toy or punishment to be used and two is the time or the amount of times the punishment is to be done. The toys differ each time we play and Sir keeps track of everything in a handy spreadsheet that way. The rules of the dice game are as such:

  1. Sir is always in control of the dice at all times.
  2. Game will only end when Sir decides to end it.
  3. Sir controls the tempo of playtime.
  4. Other toys may be used in each roll to heighten sensations.

“Ask me to roll the dice, slut.” He instructed as he passed the dice back and forth in his hands.

“Please roll the dice for me, Sir.” I asked with the slightest hint of trepidation. I was hoping that the dice would be lucky for me this round. I heard the dice clatter against the nightstand.

“Two and six.” He declared, then looked at his phone to confirm tonight’s toy choices. “So…two is pegs.”


“And six…well, I’m going to put six pegs on you.”


Stay tuned for part three, coming in the next few days…

With Love, D xx

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Sir Strikes Back: Part 2