Sir Strikes Back: Part 3

kissmyass(Naughty Girl D)

I would advise you to read Part 1 & Part 2 before this:


I could feel my heart beat a furious tattoo at the thought of having six pegs on my body. My body can handle slaps and spanks all over my body, whether it be administered with a hand, a belt, or a paddle (as illustrated earlier in the night), but pegs pushed me to my limits. The white hot pain of getting pinched by those pegs was enough to make me practically paralyzed in pain. I couldn’t help but whimper at the punishment to come.

“Stand up, slut!” Sir’s sharp voice cut through my thoughts and I immediately leapt to attention like a good little girl should.

He grabbed two pegs from the nightstand to start with and walked towards me. I felt my body shaking in anticipation of the pain to come. Seeing me frightened, Sir took my hand in his own.

“I’m going to place these pegs on your nipples first. Take deep breaths for me and you will be fine. Come on, be a good girl for me and obey.” He quickly squeezed my hand and let go.

His hand wandered over to my left breast where he started to pinch and play with my nipple. I moaned at the touch of his fingers on my skin. Once my nipples were erect enough, he took one of those pegs and placed it on my nipple. I first felt the pinch, which was then quickly replaced with nearly blinding and breathtaking pain. I felt my body instantly tense and seize up at the sensation on my nipple. In short, this fucking hurt and this was only one. He went over to do the same with the other one. When the second peg was attached, I couldn’t help but shout out loud and shake in pain. Two was already the most awful pain and I had four more pegs to go.

God, I hate this game.

“Open your mouth for me right now.” He snapped.

This was easy for me as I was practically gulping deep breaths in an attempt to ease the pain. I presented my mouth to him and was gifted with two more pegs, one on each side of my mouth. Considering how much thinner the flesh is in that area, this seemed to hurt even more…or perhaps it was the combined pain of four (one.two.three.fuckingfour!) pegs on my body. Yet, there were still two more and I knew exactly where they were going. This wasn’t as comforting a thought as it should have been though.

“Now, spread your legs open.”

I whimpered, knowing exactly what he was going to do. He gave me a stern look that instantly shut me up. This was not the time for me to whine and complain. I needed to accept the punishment like a good girl. The first peg on my pussy lip was indescribable. I was on the verge of screaming bloody murder or at least a safe word but instead I balled up my fists and scrunched up my face, grimacing at how much I hurt. Surprisingly he put the last clip on quickly as if to surprise me with it rather than let my anticipate it. I groaned as i felt each site with the peg throb and hurt with every movement.

Sir stood back to revel in what he had done to my body. He smiled and laughed at how pathetic I must have looked. At that point, I couldn’t care less about how humiliated I was feeling. All I could feel was the shooting and throbbing pain I felt at each of the sites. Tears collected in my eyes and I was so close to yelling “Manila!”, but I wanted to show him that I could be a good little slut for him despite how much I hurt.

“Good fucking slut,” he said as he watched me shake and fidget. “You will keep those pegs on until after the next roll. Tell me to roll the dice for me now.”

I groaned and couldn’t help but shake my head. With my mouth open and pegs affixed to each side, I would come off sounding so stupid and my cheeks flushed dark red with embarrassment.

“Are you shaking your head at me?” He inquired, his voice taking on a more serious tone.

“No! No, no, please…” I begged as best as I could with those pegs in my mouth.

“Then tell me to roll the dice for you and don’t make me ask again. Or else.”

I sniffed and then said the magic words. It barely came out comprehensible and my face burned red in humiliation. This seemed to satisfy him and he rolled the dice again. This time it landed on a four and a two. Sir pulled out his wallet, rifled through it, pulled out a quarter and presented it to me. I extended my hand toward him with my palm facing up. He walked over and dropped it in my hand.

“Go walk to the wall for me. You know what to do.” He said with a devious smile on his face. “Two minutes.”

I did know what to do. I walked to the wall, placed the coin on the wall in front of my nose, and leaned forward so that the only thing keeping the coin suspended was my nose. From this position, I could not see what Sir was doing and tried to focus solely on keeping the coin aloft. He was going to make that very difficult for me though.

It started with him spreading my legs open carefully so that I don’t drop the coin. His fingers ran up and down my slit for a brief moment and then was quickly replaced by his lips. My knees immediately shook and my mouth fell open in a silent moan. The pain I felt from the pegs started to fade slightly as his lips and tongue worked on my pussy. It was a struggle to stay standing when his tongue dipped inside me or when he started to lick and suck on my clit. My moans and sighs started to fill up the room more and more. I think we had past the two minute mark already at some point but I didn’t care and it seems he didn’t either. As described in D(omme)-Day, Sir is extremely skilled with his mouth.

God, I love this game.

I was breathing really hard and somehow still had the coin pressed up against the wall. I could feel my body winding up tighter and tighter as I got close to orgasm and I know he could tell as well. Sir wasn’t let me going to have too much fun too quickly though. I felt a sharp tug and hot pain all of a sudden as he pulled those pegs off of my pussy.

“FUCK!” I screamed out and arched my back in instinctual reaction to how much my pussy hurt. Obeying the laws of gravity, the coin fell to the floor with a sharp clang. As soon as the coin fell, I felt him move away from my pussy and I couldn’t help but sob. I was so so sooooo close.

“Are you frustrated?” He asked me as I turned around.

“No, Sir…” I lied. My pouty face must have gave away the truth as he laughed at me instead.

“Aww poor little slut is frustrated.” He teased and I couldn’t help but grumble. “OK, you can take off those pegs off now.”

I was thankful but taking those pegs off is a slow and excruciating process. The feeling of blood rushing back to the once clamped site is a different kind of pain. There’s relief at first but then the pain creeps back in the form of a dull, throbbing ache that lasts for a couple of hours. My nipples probably fared the worst as they seemed to ache with every single move I made.

Once the clips were off my body, Sir retrieved my pair of nipple suckers from the table and walked towards me. He first rubbed a bit of lube on my nipples for the suckers to properly stay on, then placed them on me. Already sensitive from the peg torture, this only served to heighten their sensitivity even further.

Sir then went to the champagne bucket and fished out a some ice cubes. He placed one of them in his mouth. He handed me two of them.

“I’m going to lie down. You are going to sit on my face while you use those ice cubes on your nipples. Remember, you’re not allowed to cum my dear unless I say so.”

I nodded fervently, anxious to feel his mouth on me again. I took the cubes from his hands and waited for him to undress and lay down. When he was ready, I climbed into bed and got into position.

“Baby, you’re so wet!” He said almost in awe as I settled above him.

He grabbed my big ass and brought it down to his face. As soon as his tongue made contact with my clit, I started to grind against him. He felt so amazing, especially with the ice cube in his mouth. The cool of his mouth combined with how feverishly hot I was all over my body (not to mention my sensitive nipples teased by more ice) was an intoxicating sensation. I was so overwhelmed by how good it felt and I hadn’t even cum yet. I was reaching a point of desperation at this point.

“Sir, please I’m getting really really close. Please let me cum!” I begged and pleaded. It was becoming more and more difficult to delay the inevitable but I did not want to disobey him.

My begging managed to reach his ears, even though my thighs were clamped pretty tightly against them, but he did not give me relief. Instead he stopped, not before giving my clit one final kiss (ugh evil). He tapped my thigh twice, a signal for me to get off, and I shakily climbed over him and fell onto the bed as my legs had been reduced to jelly by this point. He sat up and reached for the buttplug and lube from the nightstand. Then Sir pulled me in for a quick kiss. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue and it only served to make me want more.

“We’re going to play one of my favorite games now.” He whispered into my ear. “Hold the plug with your feet…”

I sighed, knowing exactly where he was going with this. I would hold the plug with my feet and try to get it in my ass without the use of my hands. I hated this game as there was no guarantee whether I would be successful in this endeavor considering how shaky my legs were at this very moment. Sir loved this game though as he always enjoys watching me struggle.

“Also, I’m only going to give you five minutes to do so.” My jaw fell open and my heart raced. “Begin now!”

I went to sit on the floor as it was more stable than the bed, placed the plug between my feet, and started to lower myself down onto the plug. It was a battle of stability and how long you can wait until your thighs scream out for mercy. There were a couple of times it came close to falling down but I tried to stay calm.

“Three minutes have passed.”

So much for staying calm! I whined and grunted as I tried to get in. I looked up at Sir and saw him watching me in an almost hungry sort of way. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. After relaxing a bit, I shifted around trying to find the tip of the plug. Then success! I felt the tip and started to slowly push down. It felt good both knowing that I had finally gotten it, but also how the plug stretched me open. I made it with about fifteen seconds to spare. I looked up at Sir again, who seemed a touch disappointed that he couldn’t punish me for completing what seemed like an impossible task.

“Go get on the bed, slut. I want your face down and your ass up for me.” He commanded while grabbing a length of rope from the nightstand.

I obeyed like a good girl should. Sir proceeded to tie my left hand to my ankle, leaving me partially bound for him. He placed the Hitachi wand in my free hand.

“Hold that to your clit hard. I want you to start off with the lower setting starting…NOW.”

The effect was instantaneous; I flipped the switch and instantly I was reduced to a slack-jawed, mindless, and wailing animal. The only thought running through my head in this very moment was OHMYGODTHISFEELSSOFUCKINGAMAZING. It was about to get better as I felt Sir’s cock start to tease my wet pussy.

“Mmmm please Sir,” I murmured in a weak and shaky voice. He kept teasing me, slipping his big cock inside me briefly before pulling out. I finally couldn’t help it and started to beg. “Please please please I need you, Sir.”

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled hard, which instantly shut me up. At the same time, he started to push his way inside me and stretch me. I stopped breathing for a few seconds as I tried to process everything I was feeling. The plug filling up my ass. His hot cock stretching and filling every inch of me. The Hitachi relentlessly buzzing away at my clit. My consciousness as a person no longer existed at this point. I was just running on pure lust and sensation.

He started moving slow, almost frustratingly so. Every so often he would spank my ass hard or play with the plug in my ass. Over time his thrusts began to speed up to the point that I cried out each time he completely filled me. By now, I must have looked positively insane or possessed, with my eyes rolling back into my head, me biting my lip, or jerkily shifting around the bed. I didn’t care though as I was so close to cumming and wanted instant relief.

“Please baby, please please let me cum?” I pleaded in a small whiny voice. “Please let this good girl cum for you, Sir. Pretty pretty please!”

I was lucky that I had a Sir who enjoyed making me cum over and over again instead of being bent on denying my orgasms. He bent down close to my ear and said over the near-deafening hum of the wand, “I will count down for you. You will cum in ten…”

I gasped and started to feel my pussy tighten up like a vise around him.

“Nine. Eight.”

I started to inhale and exhale in large gulps, almost like I was running the last legs of a marathon.

“Seven. Six….Five.”

I started to whine and moan as I was getting closer and closer to cumming and I couldn’t fail now. I wished he would count faster but I know he wouldn’t. I knew he loved to see me struggle and squirm, seeing how much I can endure just so I can be a good little slut for him.

“Four. Three. Two…One…”

SHIT. I was about to break. My orgasm was practically on the verge of crashing over me at this point. I was near tears trying to hold it back. I sounded like a keening wild animal at this point.


Holy. Fuck. A loud guttural scream filled the room as I let go and came. My pussy erratically squeezed and milked his cock, which only made Sir fuck me even harder. He wasn’t going to stop just because I already came. He was going to keep using me over and over until he had his fill. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After getting me close to the edge of another orgasm, Sir pulled out and took the Hitachi out of my hand then turned it off. I groaned at the sudden empty feeling and loss of stimulation. I wasn’t worried though he wouldn’t leave me wanting for too long. He untied my ankle bonds and tied my wrists together this time. He then put on a vibrating cock ring on, laid in bed, and beckoned me over.

This was his favorite position: me sitting on his hard cock, my tied arms encircling his neck to keep me in position, his hands grabbing my ass, his fingernails digging into my skin, all while he lifts me up and down on his cock. The sheer force plus the cock ring vibrating against my clit sent my orgasm count into the double figures, one orgasm often quickly running into the next one and next one. There were times I could not stop cumming. Since he couldn’t cum with the ring on, he kept going and going. After lord knows how long, he took the ring off and continued to fuck me. His pace was unforgivingly hard and relentlessly fast. He was truly using me like the good little slut that I am and I couldn’t be happier. Actually I lied; feeling him cum inside me made me the happiest.

Both of us now utterly exhausted, I collapsed forward onto his chest with him still inside me. He started to run his fingers through my auburn hair and we just laid there in the sweaty, messy quiet for a bit. When we were more capable of movement, he reached over and pulled the champagne out of ice and poured us both glasses. Eventually we talked about the more mundane goings-on in our lives like our weeks at work (his: stressful, mine: boring), mushy details about how much we love each other and what we’d do for dinner tomorrow night.

When I felt him finally slip out of me, I got off and made sure to lick our combined juices off his cock. He never wanted me to waste it as much as possible. I went to the bathroom and cleaned off what little was left as most of it had dried onto my skin at the point. I got back into bed and started to scoot in next to him when he stopped me.

“Mahal, two things,” he turned to me. “One, I will not let you play as mistress for at least another month.”

Ok, that was to be expected. I inquired, “And two darling?”

“Two,” he continued. “To remind you of your place, tonight you will sleep with your head on my stomach and my cock in your mouth.”

Of course I followed orders like the good little girl that I am. I laid down in my new sleeping spot and got as comfortable as I could. I could still taste my pussy and his cum on his cock. Considering the amount of teasing he put me through, it was no shock that I fell asleep rather quickly.

With love D xx

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Sir Strikes Back: Part 3