D’s Toy Box: Original (Hitachi) Wand Massager + Attachments

While my Sir is away for business this week, he requested I start a new segment of my blog. I will be reviewing my current stash of toys and any new ones Sir gets for me. If you’re looking for more of our naughty activities and escapades, don’t worry – there’s plenty more to write about that’s happened and that will happen. So without further ado… In this corner, weighing in at a hefty 1.2 lbs and standing at a lofty 12 inches high…accept no substitutes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the one, only, and so-called Cadillac of vibrators…this is the Original Magic Wand (or the artist formally known as the Hitachi Magic Wand as it is no longer distributed by Hitachi).

A little history before we get started with the review. Initially marketed as a personal body massager when it debuted in 1968, the Hitachi’s use for more than your body’s aches and pains came around in part due to the Sexual Revolution that swept across the world in the late 1960s all the way through the 1970s. According to the wonderful wizards at Wikipedia, artist and sex educator Betty Dodson used the wand to teach women how to masturbate, spreading her gospel to thousands of women, and thus forever changing this one innocent massager’s reputation into a tried and true favorite sex toy.

And thank you very much, Betty! The Hitachi’s nearly fifty year existence and its numerous knock-offs serve to illustrate its status as the Holy Grail of sex toys. Oh, let me count the ways…

First plus, you plug this baby into the wall. This toy won’t die on you at that vital moment right before your orgasm washes over you. Like that little pink bunny in the commercial, it keeps going and going. Not indefinitely though as it’s recommended to not use it over twenty five minutes as the toy will overheat. Not you’ll need to spend twenty-five minutes playing…or maybe you do, I don’t judge, just proceed with caution.

Let’s move onto the speed. While rabbits and bullet vibrators boast of up to seven different modes of vibration, the Hitachi has just two settings. This is nothing to sneeze at as the wand boasts 5,000 vibrations per minute at just the lowest setting. This amount of vibration is enough to turn your legs to jelly, make you quiver all over, and send you to the moon and back several times in the span of ten minutes. Oh yeah, it’s that good…and that’s just the lowest setting. At its highest setting, clocking in at 6,000 vibrations per minute, you will be left breathless, sweaty, and shaking all over while your mind takes a temporary vacation. There have been many times after forced orgasm after forced orgasm on the highest setting at Sir’s command where I laid practically useless and lame in bed afterwards, at which he would laugh at my ordeal.

After all your fun, it’s also nice that clean up is pretty easy. The head of the wand is rubberized, which makes clean up as simple as taking a clean, damp cloth with a bit of soap and giving it a quick rubdown.

For ladies who love clitoral stimulation and/or are searching for a toy with a bit more giddy-up, then this toy has your name on it. In my humble personal opinion, this is not for the person looking for their first sex toy. The sheer power of the toy may be a bit too much to handle for those still swimming in the shallow end. However, for those who still want to give it a shot, you can literally put a sock on it – cover the head of the wand to serve as some cushion. It worked for Betty’s class all those years ago so I suppose it’s worth a shot.

However, not everything in this world is perfect. Even when it comes this lovely toy. This toy is relatively loud. You won’t need ear plugs to operate, but to those with thin walls: beware! Your neighbors on the other side of the wall may be hearing that tell-tale hum. It occurs to me though that, for some, putting on a great aural show for your neighbors may help get you off, so this may actually be just another bonus point for you. Hey, I don’t judge!

Like my Sir, I enjoy some variety in our lives. Sometimes clitoral stimulation may not be your alpha and omega for your fun times. This is where handy little attachments can come in handy. There are quite a few fun options out there that you can slip over the tennis ball-like head. In my toy box, I have two.

The first is the Gee Whizzard. This attachment is wonderful for those who love getting their g-spot (yes it fucking exists!) thoroughly fucked. For me, the size, thickness, and weight of the attachment itself combined with the speed and power of the wand make for perhaps one of the most powerful g-spot vibrator I’ve ever encountered. The ridges on the toy also help add to the abundance of fun. I’ve cum so hard from using this particular combination that I’ve ended up squirting and making a mess on the bed. Highly, highly recommend. The price point for this attachment may be a stopping point for some as it may cost as much as the actual wand itself but I find it worth it as well.

The second is the Ultimate Flutter Wand attachment. This one is a bit different than the other attachments I’ve seen around. For me, this toy serves to tease and titillate more than provide you a direct route to an orgasm. Don’t get me wrong, this feels amazing as well. The thin membrane of the attachment slips in between my lips and flutters (haha) almost like a tongue would. It takes me a bit longer for me to get off just using this as this particular attachment doesn’t provide me with the direct stimulation on my clit as I normally need. I’d say this is a fun option to have around, but should be treated as something to aid with foreplay more than getting you off. I would say that this is a novel and fun attachment to have but if given the choice of purchasing just one attachment, I would opt for the the Gee Whizzard rather than this one.

If you’d like to purchase, make sure you opt for the one and only original. I paid around upwards of $55 plus shipping for mine but it is worth every penny. This is one of the few times you absolutely not go for cheaper and knock off versions of the wand. You are definitely paying for the quality.

As for the attachments, they are not as vital a part in my toy box as the wand itself, but it does provide me with some options. I can have my cake and eat it too in the sense that I can combine the sheer power of the wand with an attachment to fuck myself with. Yay choices!

Time to wrap things up as Sir will be calling me very soon via Skype. I have a feeling he’ll want to watch me get reacquainted with the wand and its attachments as part of our fun today. Maybe this time may be worth a story…

With love xx D

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D’s Toy Box: Original (Hitachi) Wand Massager + Attachments


D1(Imgur Album)

“Baby, I want you to take over and see what it’s like for me on Friday.”

This is what Sir told me before he left for business earlier in the week. He would be coming back on Friday while I was slaving away at the old 9 to 5. When I come home, it would be time for me to crack the whip for once. Hmm, speaking of whips, that might be something to look into…but I digress… For me, being a sub is like slipping onto a pair of my favorite ballet flats – comfortable, natural, and just like home. No flats for me on Friday though; I would be wearing a pair of six inch stilettos and these stilettos needed some breaking in before D(omme)-Day. Commence one of the more kinkier research projects I’ve conducted. I lurked around the femdom subreddits for ideas and even asked the community for some last minute assistance – thank you everyone for the help, by the way! Come Friday, I was in the office, staring at the clock and hoping like always for time to go faster when my my phone buzzed. It was Sir.

“I’m home. What would Miss like me to do?”

And so it begins. I ordered him to keep himself busy for me and type lines for me. He would have to type thirty lines of “I promise to be a good boy for Miss and I will do whatever She asks for me.” As revenge for doing this to me before and frustrating the hell out of me, I deliberately set it up to be difficult and also provide me with something to punish him when I come home. I inevitably got the text from my Sir (who would be known as good boy just for this day) that the task was too hard to complete.

Good boy: The typing task is impossible. I have over 250 lines to write now 😦

I was feeling charitable and let him stop. I told him to strip down for me and wait for me to come home. When I arrive, I expect him on his knees, naked, with his head bowed down in the bedroom. I come home and set my things to find him there just as I directed.

“Good boy,” I said with a smile. I slipped off my stockings and my panties. “Now, tell me why the typing task was difficult?”

“It was really hard. I kept messing up, baby, and it added more lines —“

“Did you just call me baby?” I interrupted him. “I’m not your baby right now. You are to call me Miss, remember?”

“Yes, Miss, I’m sorry.” He quickly replied, looking immediately chastised.

“Open your mouth.” I demanded. Once he did so, I jammed my dirty stockings in his mouth then placed my dirty panties over his face. I had him stand up for me. I took a sharpie from purse and wrote across his stomach OWNED BY MISS.

This was one of the greatest hits of the night as good boy would call me “baby” out of habit and I would have to find ways to punish him over the course of the night

As punishment for not completing the writing task, I had him kneel at my feet with his wrists tied to his ankles while I caught up on some shows on the DVR. I’d sometimes press pause so I could slap or pinch his balls or inner thighs. He had to suffer in complete silence or else I’d make matters worse and pinch his nipples until he would squeal in pain.

P.S. Those bitches on Revenge are cray cray in the best possible way.

When I was done watching, I had him take off the panties and take out the stockings from his mouth. I released him from his bonds but I wasn’t done with the tying up part just yet. I took a cable and tightly tied up his balls. He tried not to wince and moan but wasn’t entirely successful.

I roughly grabbed his chin and jerked his head towards me. “Now, I don’t want to touch your cock right now so I’m going to have you play with yourself instead. Good boys don’t make any noise so you need to keep your fucking mouth shut while you do so.”

“Yes, Miss, I will.” He answered and started to play. Despite my clear instructions, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut so I slapped his balls each time he made any noise. I finally got fed up.

“Now, since you can’t keep your mouth shut like a good boy, your punishment is that you’re going to kneel at the foot of the bed and just listen to me play. You don’t deserve anything right now.” I told him as I secured a blindfold over his eyes.

I got comfortable in bed and looked at the foot of the bed to see him there, kneeling in submission. I could see him squirm. Huh I can see why Sir likes this so much. I pulled out my Hitachi wand and let it buzz on my pussy. He was still not good at keeping quiet and kept gasping and moaning quietly as he heard me play with myself.

“You know, I’m only going to make you wait longer if you don’t shut your fucking trap.” I said between my own gasps and moans.

That shut him up quick.

After I came, I set my wand aside and had him bed over the bed.

“Spread that ass for me.” I demanded with a light smack on his ass.

He complied of course. I stuck my finger in my mouth to get it nice and wet then started to work a finger inside. I took those panties that he had worn on his head earlier and used them to wipe up the precum that dripped down from his cock. I walked over to our special drawer, pulled out a small buttplug and lube, and lay them out in front of him.

“Be a good boy and lube this up for your Miss.”

He sighed but, resigned to his fate, did as he was told. Once properly lubed up, I took the plug and slipped it into his ass. I have to admit hearing him moan and his legs shake as I put it inside was pretty damn sexy. I gave him another smack on his ass and told him to lay down.

I stripped off the rest of my clothes and sat on his face. I told him that he would eat my pussy until I told him to stop. He knows how skilled he is with his mouth and proceeded to eat me out to the point I almost lost my mind. The keyword is almost. Every time I felt myself slipping away, I rested my full weight on his face and squeezed my thighs together to remind him that my pleasure was more important than breathing.

I then had him sit in bed with all of my juices still dripping off of his face. I played with his cock and instead of letting him cum, I let go of his cock and ruined his orgasm. I kept him hard in between by pinching his nipples and pulling on the cable still tied on his balls. Each time he ruined, I wiped it up with my dirty panties. I had a plan for them in just a bit.

As sexy as it was watching him ruin that orgasm each time, I decided to move on after a grand total of five times. I took out the plug from his ass and made him lick it clean. He started to until I saw his face crumple into tears and he cried out his safe word.

All of my natural nurturing feelings and kindness instantly flooded back. I took the plug away from him, sat beside him ,and gave him a tight hug.

“Darling, remember, I love you so much. It’s OK, I won’t make you do that anymore.” I cooed and soothed him while running my fingers through his hair. I let him calm down a bit and held his hand for a few more minutes in silence. Finally, I ventured, “Do you want me to continue or shall we call it a night?”

He shook his head. “No, I’m OK, I want to keep going. I love you too.”

Yeah, even as kinky as we are, we can be a bit nauseatingly cute like that.

We come back and I tie him up the bed spread-eagled and have him put the cum-covered panties in his mouth to suck on them. I played with his hard cock with my feet while he was all tied up. His skin felt so soft between my feet from all the cum that had dripped on it earlier. I eventually heard his gasps and groans that let me know he was getting really close so I sped up. My reward for speeding up was my feet getting coated in cum.

I presented my feet to him. “Lick it all up.”

His face screwed up in disgust as he pleaded with me. “Please, Miss, no…”

“I won’t untie you until you lick them up. DO IT.” I almost yelled. I didn’t want to push too hard after he broke and used his safe word. Otherwise I would have just rubbed my cum-covered feet all over his face.

Luckily, I didn’t need to do that and he licked it all up like a good boy as he came down from his orgasm.

To go back to my previous metaphor about shoes, it was fun wearing those sexy domme stilettos but I can’t wear those everyday. I’d prefer wearing my comfier sub ballet flats. They fit me better and they just feel right. Every so often though it’s not a bad idea to have some fun and bust out those stilettos for a fun night out.

I don’t think those stilettos will be worn for quite some time though. My Sir has already mentioned that I’ll be paying for my little night of freedom. Find out more on Sir Strikes Back Part 1.

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